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Welcome!  Suburban Pets was created for many reasons, but the main reason is our love for animals. Not only do we love them, we are passionate about their safety and happiness. And yes, animals feel happiness just like we do! But first, their basic needs must be met. That’s where we come in….to take them for a walk, refill their water bowls and make sure their bellies are full, when you can’t be at home!

We have been caring for pets for many years. We’ve adopted, rescued, fostered them and protested on their behalf. We’ve donated, sponsored and provided support because of our love for them. What we have learned, is that most people who do NOT own pets, really want to own them. So why don’t they?  The answer: Lack of time and high cost of pet care. 
Suburban Pets tackles these two obstacles. 

We can be there when you’re at work, attending an important event or at your kids’ soccer games. Our services are very affordable. We hope that we can set an example to other pet care providers and show people that caring for pets does not have to break the bank. Maybe then, more people will adopt animals and understand how deep the love for an animal can be.

We are insured, bonded and are members of Pet Sitters International. Call us today for a complimentary consultation so we can meet YOUR Suburban Pet!




Suburban Pets Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers services many towns on Long Island including Massapequa, Famingdale, Plainview and more.....

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