Many of us (well, most of us) are so excited to say goodbye to snowy weather and cold temps!  Welcome flowers, warm breezes and even longer walks with furry friends!

What you will notice on your walks is that there are several little bright colored lawn signs.

What are they?

Those little bright signs are usually the landscapers and homeowners way to let passerby’s know that lawn chemicals have been applied.


First, make sure to avoid those areas of grass as best you can.  The chemicals may cause your dog’s paws to become irritated.  And even worse, if your dog licks his paws, he may experience some stomach upset.

Don’t freak out!

If your dog ends up stepping on some chemically treated grass, make sure to get him home and clean his paws thoroughly with some doggie shampoo and water.

While we all want our communities to look green and beautiful, the chemicals can be such a nuisance.  Make sure to be proactive in making sure that the path you take is safe!

Happy walkin’!


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