THERESE VILLEMURE President, Suburban Pets

"Welcome to Suburban Pets, a team of dog walkers and pet sitters that don't just perform a "job".

While finishing up my Master's Degree and commuting to Manhattan as a healthcare administrator, I could not help but to think that there must be something out there I could do for a living which would include my genuine passion for dogs. They have always been a huge part of my life.  The absolute most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced came as a result of rescuing my two dogs, Caesar and Eli.

I decided that between my passion for animals, my hope that pet care could be made affordable, my experience and education, I could create a dog walking and pet sitting business without a "business" feel. After all, this is my passion and I would make sure that my clients would not only hear, but feel, that the love I have for their dogs and cats could not be matched. And so the calls started coming in.

Not long after, I began receiving referrals from my clients, groomers, veterinarians and dog trainers. Since I couldn't be in more than one place at a time, I began training my first employee. And when I say training, I mean TRAINING.  I am a leader in Dog and Cat First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. So of course, I make sure that my employees become certified in the methods as taught by the American Red Cross. The pets we care for are important members of the families with which we have built such strong, trusting relationships.

Each employee is carefully selected. They have had rigorous training and background checks. I invite you to share in a wonderful experience with a pet professional from Suburban Pets.  You will understand how serious we take this "job", which to us, isn't a job at all, but a way to make the lives of an animal enriched and fulfilling. We cannot wait to meet you, and your Suburban Pet!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"My passion is the health and well being of any animal. I love taking care of animals and helping them. I look forward to going to work every day! Animals have always brought great joy, love and happiness to me and they will always be a part of my life. I have two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Teddy and a Bichon/Poodle named Casper."



Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hello! My name is Jennifer. I have 2 dogs, a cockapoo named Sonny and a beagle mix named Lola. Although I am in school at night to be a kidney dialysis technician in the future, I thought that a job working with dogs with be a perfect fit for me. My husband and I are dedicated pet parents and I could not think of a better way to spend my 'work day'!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hi I'm Jackie and this is my Diesel, who we rescued 3 years ago. I can't remember a time in my life when my home wasn't shared with four legged friends, nor would I want to. Coming home to my pets is the best part of my day. And I enjoy meeting and taking care of your pets just as much:)"



Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hi, my name is Lex. This is a dream job for me, more of a calling really, as I have always loved dogs! I have been the proud pet parent of rescue schnauzers for a long time. Pictured here with me is my sixth, Ozzy. Along with my two sons, he is the love of my life! I enjoy being around dogs and can’t wait to make your dog a part of my extended doggy family!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hello! I am so thankful to do what I love every day. Being able to exercise and spend my time with some furry friends- a perfect combination. I have two dogs and two cats at home. I started out as a client of Suburban Pets but soon found myself with a part time job and find it very rewarding!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hello! I've always had a passion for helping and taking care of all animals. I am a certified Veterinary Technician and I have 2 dogs, Ozzy & Harley, and 3 cats, Bubba, Bella and Sandy, who are all rescues. I love spending time with your furry children when you can't be there, and will treat them like my own."


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"To work with animals is truly rewarding. Growing up, my family had a miniature poodle and a bichon. Now, I have a beagle mix named Henrik. Whether you have a cat that needs to play or a dog that needs a nice long walk, I am happy to be there!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hi I'm Susan. I love animals and all my life I've had dogs and cats. This is my GSD, Enzo. I can't wait to take care of your furry children!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“Hi my name is Carly and I have been an animal lover my whole life, especially dogs. I have owned a ton of animals throughout my life, big and small, and look forward to caring for yours as well!!”


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hi!! My name is Lucia. I am a loving and caring individual who channels that on all kinds of animals. I love dogs and cats of all sizes and all breeds. I also own a dog of my own, his name is Jordy, a bichon/poodle mix. I brought him from Ecuador in 2007 when he was just a puppy and has been my loving companion ever since! ☺ In addition to dog walking, I go to school for Nutrition and Exercise Science and this job gives me the opportunity to stay active and care for other peoples amazing pets as if they were my own."


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

 "Hi, I'm Corrie! I was the little girl who brought home strays; dogs, cats, turtles too. I've always had a soft spot for animals and am so grateful for the opportunity to care for so many wonderful pets as a member of the Suburban Pets team. I have two adorable Boston Terrier rescues at home, Henry and June. I treat all the special dogs and cats I visit as extended members of the family, so you can rest assured your boys and girls are getting lots of love and tummy rubs when I come over."


Jennifer R.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hi! I'm Jen! And this is Stella Bella, my furry niece. I am one proud Auntie of a beautiful, incredibly sweet pittie. Ever since my sister and her husband adopted her from a rescue two years ago, she has been bringing so much joy to the family. We all are in love with her and her one of a kind personality! I have a Master's degree in marine conservation. I love being out in the outdoors, and I LOVE animals. I have taken care of pets for friends and family for many years now. It is amazing how easily our furry friends can put a smile on our faces!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hi my name is Keara and this is my long time furry friend Darwin! My family rescued him in 2004. I have always had dogs in my life and couldn't imagine a home without one. Nothing says happiness like quality time with happy furry friends!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“Hi! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with your pets! I enjoy it as I do spending time with my own dog, Lance. Besides walking dogs, I am also an actress and enjoy theatre and the arts :)”


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"Hi, I'm Brianna. I absolutely love all animals big and small! This job is absolutely a dream come true and I can't wait to meet all of your wonderful pets!"


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“My name is Jenna and this is my Diesel! I absolutely love meeting new cats & dogs and taking care of them like they're my own. 4 legged friends make my day better and I couldn't imagine life without them!”


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“My name is Cassie.  I’m currently in my second year at Farmingdale State College where I’m studying business management.  I’ve always had a passion for animals, but while working at an animal shelter I found my calling in taking care of shelter and rescue dogs.  I have two adopted dogs of my own, a shepherd mix and a lab mix, as well as my adorable black cat.  They are the loves of my life!  I have the best job in the world caring for animals; I can’t wait to meet all of your pets!”


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“My name is Jo-Ann.  I am happily married to my husband Patrick and we have twin girls who are attending college. We also have a 2 year old Lab Shepherd mix named Floyd.  I was a stay at home Mom having had part time jobs in between.  I joined Suburban Pets in August 2016 after adopting my pooch and becoming enthralled in dog care and training.  This is the greatest job I have ever had.  I love servicing the dogs and find myself attaching to them quickly.  I am one big mush.  I look forward to working with your pets and will love them unconditionally.”

Suburban Dog Walkers - Patti


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“I am so happy to get to spend time with your furry family members each day! As a full time walker, I spend my days giving them as much love as they give to me!”


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“I'm Klarisa and I'm a certified graduate photographer. I love to walk dogs and also photograph them!”


Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

"I have had dogs all my life!! I LOVE being around them. Caring for them and loving them. Presently, I have 8 dogs - 7 Siberian Huskies and a Pit Bull . I have my hands full at home but wouldn't change it for the world!"